The Light Switch Extender was designed to allow children or people with special needs an easier means for turning on and off light switches.  Its safe, easy to install, travel friendly, and blends into any decor.

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Light Switch Extender blends into your decor.

Great For Young ChildrenLight Switch Extender is great for toddlers or people with special needs.
This solves the problem when it’s time for your child to turn on the lights but can’t yet reach the switch. No more “Daddy, please turn on the light”. No more standing on some unstable bench or chair to reach the switch.

Great For People With Special Needs
It’s the easiest way to make light switches accessible to everyone. The “S bend” shape at the lower end means that the switch can be actuated without gripping the handle. You can use your opened hand, elbow, or forearm.

It’s Travel Friendly
Because no tools are required you can take the handles with you when you travel, whether you stay with family, friends, or in hotels.

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  • Easy to install without tools.  Just push the flexible top onto any light switch and use it.
  • Blends into your decor.  The clear acrylic slim rod blends into the wall color or pattern.
  • Requires less reach.  The long acrylic handle makes operating the light switch easier for anyone.  Available in three different sizes:
    • 11-inch handle
    • 14-inch handle
    • 16-inch handle
  • Ergonomic design.  The curved design at the end of the extender allows you to use hands, arms, etc. to operate your switch.

Special handle lengths and configurations available upon request. 
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Light Switch Extender/Extension

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